Frequently asked questions

What are your dates and hours of operation?
We are open from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day. We may close the first week after Memorial Day Weekend depending on if the local schools are still in session. Operating hours may be found here.
What are your rates?
Our rates can be found here.
Do you rent shelters or the entire facility?
We rent huts in the water park and shelters outside in Stoneledge Park. The entire park may be rented after hours between 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM dependent upon availability. The cost is $1400 Sunday - Thursday or $1600 Friday or Saturday.
What is the dress policy?
We ask that guests wear bathing suits--no cutoffs or clothing with rivets or other scratching materials. No thong bathing suits or other suits that Shipwreck Cove determines to be non-family friendly. Any guest can be asked to cover up or change if a Shipwreck Crew Member requests.
May I bring outside food and drink?
Outside food or drink is not permitted apart from cookies or cake that a group brings to a reserved party. Baby formula will also be allowed. However, guests are free to come and go from Shipwreck Cove as they please and may take their food into Stoneledge Park. Shelters in Stoneledge Park are available by reservation or first come first serve.
Do you have party packages?
Yes! We have party packages available. Information about them can be found here.
May I bring in medicine?
Bringing your own medicine that you require is permitted and encouraged. Shipwreck Cove is not allowed to hand out or medicine.
What do you offer for food?
The Captain’s Cabin restaurant has a varied menu that you can find here!
What if I have food allergies?
The Captain’s Cabin can try to accommodate certain food allergies, but, as with all personal food, you are welcome to bring your own food outside the gate.
Do you have any discounts or specials?
We have a special rate for seniors/disabled/military (with ID). There are also some coupons and specials that show up during special events.
What kind of events do you have?
At this time, we have four events plus our new Duncanfest held in Stoneledge Park. You can read about them here.
If I am a VIP do I have to pay for events?
Events are separate from the VIP admission, but there are occasional discounts that are included with the VIP Pass.
What is your inclement weather policy?
Shipwreck Cove’s policy is that if the park closes early for any reason, park guests who have been inside the park for less than 2 hours may receive a rain check. There are no cash refunds.
What do I do if I lose my child?
If a parent or guardian loses a child, they should inform a crew member, and the crew will immediately enact the lost child procedure.
Are guests allowed to bring in outside floats/toys?
Shipwreck Cove only allows small personal floats for children. We are not able to accommodate larger floats for guests. Floats will be provided for guests in the Lazy River.
Do you serve alcohol?
Alcohol is generally prohibited at Shipwreck Cove, and intoxicated guests will be asked to leave. Certain events may include alcohol sales.
What do I do if I have a problem with a guest?
Any issue with a guest or otherwise should be brought up to a crew member who will direct it toward the proper channel.
What do I do in the case of an injury?
In the case of a minor injury, guests may visit the first aid room. In the event of a possibly more severe injury, immediately inform a crew member and call 911 if you feel it is warranted.
Are guests allowed to leave and re-enter?
Yes, guests may leave and re-enter at will as long as they are properly stamped upon exiting.
Are there any limitations on riding the slides or lazy river?
Anyone under 42 inches of height will not be allowed to ride the slides. Bathing suits with rivets are not allowed. Life jackets are not allowed on slides. Guests who are pregnant or have a medical issue may ride the slides at their own risk, but it is recommended that you check with your physician first. Riders must ride alone. Children may not go down the slides with their parents.Any guest in the lazy river must have a tube provided by Shipwreck Cove. Small children may ride on a float with a parent or guardian. No free-swimming or standing. No kneeling or standing on floats.
What is your smoking/vaping policy?
Smoking and vaping are not allowed in Shipwreck Cove or Stoneledge Park. It is only allowed in the parking lots.
Are service animals permitted?
According to the ADA service animals may not be excluded. If the purpose is not apparent, Shipwreck Cove may ask what purpose the animal serves. Emotional support animals are not included in service animals and will not be permitted in Shipwreck Cove. Owners will be liable for any damage caused by their animals.
Are wheelchairs and walkers allowed on the deck?
ADA equipment is welcome at Shipwreck Cove. Additionally, we have a lift available for disabled guests upon request.
Do I have to pay if I am not swimming?
Non-swimming guests may purchase a $4 deck pass to enter.
Are children required to be supervised by adults?
While Shipwreck Cove will do everything possible to ensure the well-being and safety of all guests, including children, we do not have the capability to supervise children. We ask that parents and guardians supervise young children at all times. If an older child is capable of staying alone or without supervision, please understand that Shipwreck Cove will not be able to supervise the child.
What is the waterpark capacity?
The total capacity of the water park is 982. The capacity of the pool is 592. For private rentals, we use the pool capacity for the maximum number of guests.
What kind of chemicals do you use?
We disinfect the pool with Calcium Hypochlorite and also use organic enzymes to assist in removing oils and other non-living organics.
How often do you check the levels?
We check the chemical levels every 1-2 hours.

Safety Tips

A few safety precautions can make the world of difference. The entire Shipwreck Cove family wants you to have a blast, be safe, and help ensure the safety of others. Here are a few simple, important safety tips for you to remember:                                        

SC DHEC Regulations

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control DHEC regulates all public pools in the state of South Carolina. Below are their requirements which are posted and enforced at Shipwreck Cove:

  • There should be no solo swimming.
  • There should be no running, boisterous or rough play.
  • No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs should use the pool.
  • There should be no spitting or blowing nose in pool.
  • No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs should use the pool.
  • Persons with diarrheal illness or nausea should not enter the pool.
  • Persons with skin, eye, ear or respiratory infections should not enter the pool.
  • Persons with open lesions or wounds should not enter the pool.
  • No animals or pets allowed in the pool enclosure.
  • No glass allowed in the pool or on the deck.
  • No children should be in the pool without supervision.
  • You should take a shower before entering the pool.

Eating, Drinking & Chewing Gum

When you're swimming, it's easily to get distracted, pulled under water or choked from water intake. To avoid increasing risk, never eat, drink (any beverages) or chew gum while in the water or diving into water; this will also prevent choking.


Proper protection from the sun is an essential for everyone. Dangerous skin ailments and irritations can be easily prevented by an ounce of prevention, or more. Make sure to apply sunscreen to yourself and your kids before and after their time in the water, on all exposed skin to ensure maximum skin protection. Protective clothing such as hats, visors and shirts are also great ways to prevent overexposure, or purchase them at Shipwreck Cove.Apply sunscreen early and often. Ultraviolet radiation (also known as UV rays) is the strongest in the summer. A generous full-coverage of waterproof sunscreen, a minimum of 30 minutes before going outside, is a great guideline. (SPF 15 or higher is highly recommended). Areas people usually miss: Feet, bathing suit lines (suits slide around and expose skin).

Sun Safety

Fun in the sun can turn into a nightmare…so be aware. A day in the sun is one of the most exciting memories for many of us! At Shipwreck Cove, we want your memories to be great ones for years to come! So, here's a few simple but powerful ways to avoid the dangers of dehydration, sunburn and preventable skin irritations and/or long term problems. Most of the time, a few common-sense tips can make your day one to remember…for fun reasons.

Avoiding Dehydration

Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration when it's hot outside or you've been in the sun for a long time. Bottled water is a great choice.

Treating Sunburn

Bathing with cool (not cold) water or apply a cool washcloth to sunburned areas is recommended. Applying pure aloe vera gel and/or lotion, taking pain relievers (Tylenol, aspirin, and spray over-the-counter pain relievers) all are helpful. Don't give aspirin to children or teens, of course, without consulting your family physician first. Consider staying away from petroleum-based products (Vaseline or benzocaine), because they may dry out or irritate skin. Be sure to stay inside until the sunburn heals completely.


Avoid all alcohol of any kind before, during and after swimming. Avoiding alcoholic beverages before or during swimming and other water activities is critical to making sound judgment, especially in crisis. Never drink alcohol while supervising children around water. After spending the day in the water, remember that you're more apt to be tired, dehydrated and prone to accident…so drinking after, especially if driving, should be avoided.

Supervising Children

Kids are priority! If your children are swimming or playing, or you are swimming around children, make sure you have an adult supervising them at all times and remember that distracting activities, especially to kids, can be…well, distracting! Safety first…especially while supervising children around water.

Learning To Swim

Learning how to swim is easy…and fun! For adults and children alike, learning basic swimming technique and prevention skills can make swimming part of your family's recreation and lifestyle for the rest of your life! Studies show that swimming ranks as one of the leading aerobic exercises that is both less stressful on joints and spine than other activities, while providing some of the best cardiovascular activity you can find! Whether it's your local fitness club or other community facility, consider learning today! Call us for details on opportunities near you.

Weather Reports

Pay attention! Local weather conditions and forecasts are often accurate ways to plan your day. Sunscreen, umbrellas and other items can be easily packed based on forecast. If you're already at Shipwreck Cove and inclement weather looks like it's on the way, stop swimming at the first indication of bad weather. Swim in supervised places, and never alone. Teaching your children to always swim with a buddy is a great habit to ensure safety…and it's more fun too.

Flotation Devices

"Water Wings" - Buyer beware! While using air-filled swimming aids (such as "water wings") help children learn to swim and help them float at times, do NOT count on them in place of life-saving gear recommended by most water safety experts. Life jackets or life preservers for children are always your best bet! Some swimming aids give parents and children a false sense of security about preventing or limiting the risk of drowning. These are toys and are not designed to be personal-flotation devices. Many are easily punctured and/or deflate by being unplugged inadvertently.


Lifeguards are your friends! Before you swim at Shipwreck Cove or any swimming facility, look for lifeguards and other supervisory personnel. They're there to help you, in case you're injured. It's always a great idea to take inventory first, before you start swimming, of personnel available to help.

Follow Directions

Read all posted signs, especially age & height instructions. Restrictions apply to some rides, so pay attention to all signs. Follow the lifeguards' rules and regulations, and don't be embarrassed or hesitant to ask questions if you're not sure about a correct procedure.

Mermaid Tails

Mermaid tails or any swimming device that binds the feet or legs is not allowed at Shipwreck Cove for the general public. These devices can quickly fatigue swimmers and greatly reduce swimming ability.

Plastic Swim Diapers

A great precaution for you, and others. Shipwreck Cove has changing areas; ask someone if you can't find them, we've provided safe and sanitized changing spots.

Health Restrictions

Be cautious of your neck, back, and more… If you suffer from certain neck or back problems, heart condition, prevalence toward motion sickness or pregnancy, or other medical conditions, avoid high-speed or rapid-descent rides, and alert Cove officials of any concerns wherever possible.

For Parents

Your Safety & Security Are Our Top Priorities

There are many exciting things going on at Shipwreck Cove and we want to make sure that you and your family to have a memorable experience! We know that, as a parent, there are some important things that you expect from us. So, let's take a minute to point out some of those…                                                                                              


our crowded pool

You want your kids to have fun AND be safe. We do too! We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for your family. Our staff is dedicated to the safety of your children; we employ over 20 lifeguards and grounds personnel who make it a priority to watch over you and keep you safe.


Duncan patrol

No worries - your security is most important! We've partnered with the Duncan Police Department to provide around-the-clock protection for Shipwreck Cove. We are fully equipped to handle any situation should it arise.


a view to our main slide

We pride ourselves on maintaining our grounds and equipment to ensure you have the same unforgettable experience each time you visit. Our goal is to provide a fun and healthy environment for you and your family.

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